4 applications to concentrate that will help you finish your thesis

For nobody is a secret that throughout the western world, the use of mobile has become a necessity more. In fact, the author Paul Jacobs calls it “the sixth digital sense”, that is, it is almost impossible to see a person who does not use the mobile phone in their daily lives.

In this way, there are several reasons that lead to excessive use of the mobile at any time or anywhere, however, the main reason for its use is to review notifications of social networks or for the message.

In such a way that to the well-known reasons that the thesis students give to justify the slow progress in their degree works, the distractions of the mobile are added.

According to the Hootsuite report, Digital 2019: “We spent more than 6 and a half hours a day looking at a screen with access to the web”, means that to finish the thesis it is necessary to address this problem.

However, technology has not only brought addictions to our lives, but has mainly created solutions to many human problems. Thus, applications have been developed that seek to counteract the excessive use of mobile phones so that we can carry out our agenda of daily tasks.

For this reason, next we will mention some App that will be very helpful if you are doing your thesis:


This application could be very striking for the thesis students who are passionate about nature and the protection of the flora, because it consists of planting a forest to the extent that we control and reduce our income to mobile applications.

For example, if you require 1 hour to write 2 pages of your thesis, you choose that period in Forest, a tree is sown and it is forbidden to leave the application, otherwise it will stop growing and your forest will stagnate.


It is a tool that must be installed in Google Chrome in order to restrict the visits made to certain websites that are established by you previously, it is possible to select not only the schedule but also the days in which you can access these websites or buy essays online for college . Therefore, if you have weakness to check Facebook while you should be writing your thesis, just add the Facebook page and indicate how long it is acceptable to navigate in it per day, after this time is blocked and lets you enter only until the next day.


With this great application it will be possible to schedule the times during which you wish your mobile does not notify you of your notifications, and during which you also restrict access to applications that you consider that take away valuable time that you could have spent on your thesis.


This is the most rigorous and radical application of our selection, because it is aimed at those students who confess that they have no will power. The way it works is simple but super effective: when the application is activated for a certain period, the mobile is absolutely blocked, and is not activated even by restarting it.

In sum, there are many applications to improve concentration and productivity. On this occasion we mention only the four that we consider most useful, specifically for people who are in the process of doing their thesis.

In our post where we taught you how to do your thesis in record time we had taught you that one of the keys to finish your dissertation was to eliminate distractions when writing it, so take into account these applications to increase your performance.